Portolites generate electricity using compressed air. They allow for lighting and tools in areas that are not serviced by electrical wires. Portolites increase both safety and productivity at remote underground work sites.


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Choose from two different models:

Model HS P12

Voltage: 12V DC
Output: 1020 W max (400W everyday use), 12V
Air Input: 30-40 psi, 40 cfm max
Outlets: 3 female electrical connections
Weight: 100 lbs

This unit can be used as a portable light generating package, or as an auxilliary light package for mobile equipment (scissor lifts, bolters, drilling rigs, etc).

Model HS P120

Voltage: 120V DC
Output: 2400W everyday use, 120V
Air Input: 50psi – 80 cfm / 30 psi – 45 cfm
Outlets: 2 20 amp GFCI receptacles, 1 switch
Weight: 140 lbs

This unit not only provides light for work areas, but it generates 120V AC power for low amp draw power tools and other plug-in equipment.


Herold Supply can outfit your Portolite with a variety of different lighting solutions. Choose from:

  • Halogen floodlight fixtures
  • High/low pressure sodium fixtures
  • Three-section telescopic light towers
  • Hand-held inspection spotlights
  • square or round halogen floodlights


Portolites are perfect for the mining industry. Possible applications include:

  • slushing and mucking areas
  • stopes
  • shaft work
  • mine development areas
  • auxilliary light package on mobile equipment (eg: bolters, drilling rigs)